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My name is Pat King and I, along with my wife Patti, are the proud owners of CHILLKING®. My son, James and I started as J.P.'s Express Service in 1997, installing refrigeration and restaurant equipment.

We saw a need for a quality heavy duty chiller in the restaurant and food processing industry. In 2003, we changed our name to CHILLKING® and made the decision to concentrate on water chillers. Our name emphasized the direction and goals of our company. The response has been excellent and our business has grown. CHILLKING® now manufactures for most every market. We have two CHILLKING® "Factory Laws": it must produce 110% of its rating or it doesn't ship. Use less energy.

We manufacture most of the components in our factory using state of the art equipment. Our highly efficient evaporator is proprietary and built by CHILLKING®. Each chiller is factory run, tested, and BTU load tested before crating. We make every effort to keep our customers happy and maintain a proper balance of price and quality. We look forward to working with new friends as well as maintaining our relationship with old friends. Our commitment is to service and quality.

Patrick King
President & CEO

Pat and Patti King