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CNG Gas - CHILLKING®  Patent

CNG is a hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbons are being experimented with as refrigerants as well as being an excellent fuel source.

Chillking received a request from Earthbound Energy LLC. of New Jersey to engineer an improved method of transferring Natural Gas (CNG) from storage containers to vehicle fuel tanks. Chillking has applied for a patent for this process. We designed a process to increase tank yield from 75% to full capacity and in much less time. Chillking and Earthbound Energy has committed jointly to develop this business. From this a new web domain will be born, www.gaiagas.com. It is our opinion that Gaia Gas is the perfect name for this venture. CNG by many is considered a renewable resource because it contains primarily methane.

The Chillking patent has taken advantage of the refrigerant qualities for CNG to help our process. The process of course involves a Chillking Chiller with a new HX (heat exchanger) designed for this process. Not only can this process be used for fueling vehicles, it can also be used for large storage vessels. Remember to keep checking www.gaiagas.com, it will come on line soon.