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Welcome to CHILLKING® 

WATER CHILLERS manufactured by CHILLKING® CHILLERS are built using the highest quality components. We are one of the few manufacturers that have stainless steel reservoir tanks. CHILLKING®'s refrigeration evaporator is manufactured by CHILLKING® in house. Every CHILLKING® water chiller is load tested and must produce at 110% of the BTU rating for that model. No matter your need, brewery, distillery, residential, low temp, medical MRI, yogurt, fast food, margarita machines, clean rooms, laboratories, food safe, dry cleaner, all industries, residential, hot tub heater/plunge pool, and air conditioning, CHILLKING® has a model for you.

About Our Products


    Custom, Horizontal, and Vertical are available from 1 to 100 tons. An auto fill mechanism is available on all models with tanks. Water distribution manifolds can be constructed to meet your exact needs. Our innovative distribution water manifold drastically reduces the normal manifold footprint. CHILLKING® is an innovator by reducing manifold design to fit in a cabinet 30"W X 19"H X 12"D. In most cases up to ten pieces of equipment can be run on this manifold system.
  • Evaporator In Tank

    Units equipped with the stainless steel tank have the evaporator in tank. Our unique to CHILLKING® design maximizes the refrigeration circuit and flows the water around the evaporator to attain maximum heat exchange.
  • Electrical

    CHILLKING® uses nothing but UL approved components. Our systems can be wired single phase, three phase 208V and three phase 460V, 480V or 575V-600V. Temperature Controller and Circuit • The temperature control circuit is wired using the dependable and versatile RANCO® controller. This unit can be wired 24V, 120V, or 240V. Many other options are available.


  • CHILLKING® Chiller systems have the best of components in our refrigeration circuit. Horizontal, Vertical and Remote chillers have Copeland® compressors with a suction filter and liquid dryer ensures many years of dependable service.



CHILLKING® opened as Pat's Refrigeration in 1995. My son, James and I started as J.P.'s Express Service in 1997, installing refrigeration and restaurant equipment. We saw a need for a quality heavy duty chiller in the restaurant and food processing industry. In 2003, CHILLKING® Chillers Inc. was incorporated in the state of Texas to match our brand name and made the decision to concentrate on water chillers. Our name emphasized the direction and goals of our company. The response has been excellent and our business has grown.. CHILLKING® Chillers now has distributors worldwide and has chillers operating worldwide. CHILLKING® Manufacturing Group LTD based in Dublin Ireland is a branch of CHILLKING® Chillers Inc. We have plans for a CHILLKING® owned distributorship based in the area of the city of Athlone.

CHILLKING® has grown rapidly and now has models of ETL listed UL approved chillers for most any industry. We are also EU CE listed. CHILLKING® manufactures chillers sized from 3,000 BTU chillers to 200 tons(2,400,000 BTU). CHILLKING® recently purchased property on Texas Highway 95 and built a new factory. We completed our move towards the end of 2015 and opened the new year of 2016 in our new manufacturing facility. CHILLKING® has been building chillers for over twenty years and our goal remains the same. "Build the most trouble free chiller in the industry". The original 5 ton chiller built in 1995 is still running and has only required routine maintenance. CHILLKING® guarantees every chiller with a CHILLKING® designed evaporator to exceed its BTU rating by 10% at 90F ambient temperature or 110F condenser temperature. Every chiller is tested under load and each has a BTU test for 110% LWT. We are the only chiller manufacturer with such a guarantee.

Although CHILLKING® started manufacturing chillers to support ice cream machines and slush machines we now manufacture chillers for any industry. CHILLKING® has approximately 500 chillers in Sonic Drive-Ins®. CHILLKING® is also the only authorized chiller manufacturer for IDQ® (International Dairy Queen) and numerous other chains producing ice cream or yogurt. Some of our customers are Dell, Disney World, and Hilton. Many cancer treatment centers and MRI centers use CHILLKING®. From ice cream, to beer, whisky, and wine or industrial we have you covered. CHILLKING® will also design a chiller for special applications. Often for no added fee.

CHILLKING® CHILLERS Inc. has two factory laws that the factory must abide by. They are:

1. Each CHILLKING® with a CHILLKING® designed evaporator must exceed 110% of its listed tonnage or it does not ship.

2. Use as little energy as possible within the boundaries of the laws of thermal-dynamics.



Available through Lease Corporation of America. Click here for more information.


Please feel free to contact us with your questions or feedback. We would love to hear from you.