Product overview

The DehuKingTM line of high performance, energy-efficient, free-standing dehumidifiers are designed to control damaging moisture and humidity in industrial buildings and greenhouses. Our dehumidifiers utilize the latest heat transfer refrigerant technology to drastically improve performance and be the most economical solution in the industry.

Long-term reliable use

• State-of-the-art manufacturing
• Low operating cost: DehuKing dehumidifiers remove more water per kilowatt hour of electricity than most competitor’s dehumidifiers
• Unrivaled moisture control
• Saves energy: economical power to condensation ratio
• Stainless steel construction. Durable exterior of stainless steel

Dehumidifier Features

Movability: Optional casters allow you to conveniently move the dehumidifier throughout the building. Many options such as skids. We even have options on wheel size or type.

American-made: Manufactured in Texas. We make every effort to use American parts first and foremost which include GE motors, Copeland compressors, Emerson parts, A.O. Smith, and Johnson controls.

Small footprint.

Available in a range of sizes: 272 pints per day to 864 gallons per day.

Many placement options. All thread hanger option.

Air Purifier: Powerful airflow. Use to cleanse air when not dehumidifying.

UV Air cleansing: A UV light air purifier kills bacteria, viruses & mold.

Activated carbon filter: Activated carbon neutralizes chemicals, gas, and smells, and prevents the development of bacteria, virus and mold.

Internal condensate pump: Moisture is automatically pushed to another location. Condensed water is collected in a stainless steel pan and directed to remote tanks or plants. The cooled dry air is drawn across the condenser and discharged at close to the environment temperature.

Ionizer: Optional ionizer produces negative ions for the purification of indoor air and its enrichment with active oxygen. Unpleasant smells are neutralized and harmful substances in the air are eliminated. Negative ions also have a strong antistatic effect. In greenhouses, ionized air increases plant growth and makes for stronger crops.

Water generator: With the addition of nutrients, the dehumidifier can be a renewable source of fresh, clean plant water.

What makes us different?

CHILLKING®’s engineering expertise results in the best combination of operating temperature range, efficiency, water removal capacity, and low unit cost.

Coils are inside the cabinet instead of on the exterior to protect from damage. Some coils are angled in order to get more coverage as the air is drawn across the coil. Other coils have isolation panels to control flow.

CHILLKING has been removing moisture from the air for twenty years. We have stabilized the relative humidity(RH) and controlled environment temperatures in paint spray booths and greenhouse gardens.

What customers appreciate

• Average installation pays for itself in less than eight months
• Reduced hourly energy usage
• Wide range of operating temperatures to 130F
• Minimal maintenance required

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Dehumidifiers are crucial to the success of numerous industrial applications:

Health & Fitness
Indoor Pools
Whirlpools and Spas
Therapy Rooms
Locker Rooms
Health Clubs
Skating Rinks
Allergy Control
Water Treatment Plants
Pumping Stations
Power Plants
Sanitation Plants
Well Houses
Switching Stations
Telecommunications Centers
Art Galleries
Records Storage
Film & Tape Storage
Food & Drug
Cheese Factories
Pharmaceutical Labs
Food Drying
Canning Plants
Restaurants and Bars
Meat Packaging
Tool and Die Shops
Paper & Pulp Production
Powder Blending
Packaging Areas
Plastic Molding & Processing
Computer & Electronics
Clean Rooms
Electronics Assembly
Computer Rooms
Photo Labs
Pre-Press Areas
Silk Screening



* Isolation panels increase efficiency by isolating evaporator environment from condenser environment.

Model DU05T07UV172-1376-2 shown.

Self-contained, free-standing dehumidification units

DehuKing came to be because of demand. Our founding company has been building dehumidification for twenty years but as a part of their chiller operations. In recent years there is demand for independent freestanding dehumidification machines. DehuKing is introducing a full line of dehumidifiers made of stainless steel and upgraded heat exchangers. Even the footprint is smaller than competing machines.

DehuKing coils are inside the cabinet, this protects the coils from damage. DehuKing coils are angled in order to get more coverage as the air is drawn across the coil. The cooled dry air is drawn across the condenser and discharged at close to the environment temperature. Condensed water is collected in a stainless steel pan and directed to remote tanks or plants.

CopelandTM compressors* are used in DehuKing dehumidifiers, we use parts that are readily available locally. We use U.S. made parts when possible in our DehuKing dehumidifiers. GE motors, CopelandTM compressors, Emerson parts, A.O. Smith, Johnson controls, and many other fine American brands. DehuKing only buys an imported part when a U.S. built part is not available. Even then we make every effort to buy from an American company.

*At times it’s not possible to purchase a CopelandTM compressor, if so another brand of comparable value and performance will be substituted.

DehuKing builds dehumidifiers from 272 pints per day to 864 gallons per day. It is important to you that DehuKing does this as economically as possible. Power to condensation is listed on the spec’s page, watts used to a gallon condensed. You will find that we are very competitive in power used. Our parent company CHILLKING has manufactured chillers that use less power for twenty years. DehuKing dehumidifiers are engineered to save energy, outperform the competition, and be superior in construction and quality. For more information on operating costs compared to desiccant dehumidifiers and competitors refrigerant dehumidifiers click here.

In addition to these powerful dehumidifiers DehuKing manufactures chillers. When using a DehuKing Chiller an air handler that is set up for dehumidification is used. It has a chilled water coil and a hot water coil. These can have a very small footprint based on the type fan used. The DehuKing dehumidifying air handler is installed inside and the DehuKing Chiller is installed outside to make a very solid DehuKing dehumidifier. These perform at the same rate as our DehuKing package units.

DehuKing offers air cleansing, every DehuKing dehumidifier has UV. Every DehuKing has filtration. In addition DehuKing offers ionizers for the machines, ionized air increases plant growth and makes for stronger crops. In addition each machine can be ordered with charcoal filtration. It is important to us that your DehuKing machine does extras besides dehumidification. We at DehuKing want to increase air quality.

Some have used our machines to collect bathing water and even drinking water. TO BE USED AS DRINKING WATER REQUIRES NUTRIENTS ADDED. Disaster areas without power and working wells have ordered the DehuKing chiller dehumidifier combination and produced water. This is enough water for 86 people if they use 10 gallons per day each, very conservative use would allow for 160 people.

*Based on maximum relative humidity.


Mobile air handler, rear intake, top discharge. Or can be mobile dehumidification unit. UV optional.

CHILLKING has been removing moisture from the air for twenty years. From paint spray booths to greenhouse gardens we have stabilized the relative humidity(RH) and controlled environment temperatures when needed. CHILLKING and our new division DehuKing understand the importance of space in the greenhouse. With the chiller located outside and using a small air handler or dehumidification air handlers we don’t waste your valuable space. Shadows are created when large objects are blocking the sun. Plus the space is better used growing crops. We developed an air handler that is small. A 25 ton air handler that has heat and cold, it is 24” x 30” x 30”L. We have smaller tonnage air handlers that are much smaller. The 25 ton will dehumidify producing up to 36 GPH to stabilize and control RH. It has two water lines that come from the chiller/pump station outside.


Any licensed technician can work on DehuKing chillers and CHILLKING chillers as they operate very similar to air conditioning such as package units. Our CHILLKING and DehuKing chillers have a Copeland® compressor or multiple Copeland® compressors, fan delay, hi-lo safeties, and numerous other features such as stainless steel fully insulated reservoir. Inside the greenhouse or building the air handler has a heat exchanger (HEX**) to remove humidity and drop air temperature for comfort. Be it for greenhouse, commercial or industrial applications we have the dehumidification method for you. If the air handler is designated as a dehumidifier it will have two HEX**, one heat exchanger is to chill the air and remove humidity while the other heat exchanger(HEX) is for hot water to re-warm the air and bring the air temperature back up. This is necessary because at times you need less humidity but no temperature change. CHILLKING and DehuKing are energy conscious, the hot water can be from heat recovery of discharged heat from the chiller. Boiler heat can also be used if already plumbed for heat. Adding heat to the air handler gives you a complete HVAC* system. Our dehumidifier air handlers are ETL listed and certified by Intertek®. No worries about the safety of the units and their operation. CHILLKING has been working with Intertek® since our founding. Quarterly visits to help us keep you safe and our standards at the highest levels.

Vertical Industrial dehumidification air handler. Intakes on one end and discharges out the other end. UV light onboard.

We designed our dehumidification air handlers for all conditions. Everyone of our dehumidification air handlers are indoor or outdoor units that have the air intake on the lower cabinet side or end. The beauty of CHILLKING and DehuKing air handlers for dehumidification is that they can be set up how you prefer. Intake can be left side, right side, front or back. Discharge can be set up the same. For the larger units we offer a collar or extension that mounts to the intake register, then you can put the unit outside the greenhouse, push it up to a flat wall and the collar extension protrudes into the greenhouse. The top air discharge is set up the same. If redundancy is a worry you can purchase all of our dehumidifier air handlers with UV light inside. Actually any of our air handlers can be purchased with UV on board. You choose the type air filters you want, they can be purchased at Walmart, Lowe’s or Home Depot. There are options for the type air discharge you want, adjustable louvres, duct collar, air deflector, or split deflector. Regular stainless steel legs that are adjustable for leveling or casters. If mounted to hang we can place hangers or mounting plates in numerous locations on the air handler. Greenhouse, industrial or commercial use air handlers and dehumidification air handlers can be purchased in galvanized, painted finish or stainless steel. DehuKing and CHILLKING has the products you need to control or produce a stable environment.

Mobile air handler, rear intake, top discharge. Or can be mobile dehumidification unit. UV optional.

All air handlers and dehumidification air handlers must be fed by a glycol/water chiller system. DehuKing and CHILLKING chillers are energy efficient chillers. Matched to our air handlers we have seen EER*** numbers approaching 30. Twenty years ago home air conditioners were happy to reach a 10 EER. The better the rating the more money you save. Our chillers with the CHILLKING designed and built evaporator in tank(EIT) will exceed their tonnage rating by 10%. They must! CHILLKING and DehuKing guarantees the unit to produce 110% of its tonnage rating at 90F to 95F ambient conditions. You get additional tonnage for free. If a chiller can produce more than its tonnage rating you save energy. If it produces 10% more then it goes off 10% sooner. Our ten ton chillers is rated at 120,000 BTUs, it must produce a minimum of 132,000 BTUs. Our ten ton chillers normally test around 12 tons or 140,000 BTU. (One ton is 12,000 BTU)

In some cases with high volumes of air and a desperate need for at least a 30F drop in air stream temperature too much moisture may be removed from the air. When this happens moisture must be added to the air stream to bring humidity to the desired level. How does too much moisture get removed? In very large industrial commercial paint booths or paint rooms it is necessary to drop the temperate up to 30F on a single pass and sometimes even more. In Texas for example, we have had almost two full months over 100F, some days were 115F. With 115F ambient temperature and a desired 75F, a 40F temperature drop is required. Air in a paint room or booth cannot be recirculated because of paint particles in the air that would quickly coat the HEX and decrease the capacity to exchange heat. In such cases we often use double thick HEX slabs or double the square feet of surface contact area. One method slows down the air moving across the HEX thus allowing for a greater heat exchange. The other allows the air to move at the same speed but increases the surface contact area. CHILLKING and DehuKing have the expertise to size or design for your specific need, be it a greenhouse, commercial, industrial, medical, bakery, brewery, or distillery.

Small air handler, intake opposite end, front discharge.

All greenhouse, medical, and food processing require stainless steel surfaces that can easily be wiped down. DehuKing and CHILLKING has NSF certified products plus all air handlers are ETL listed for UL specifications. Our factories are inspected quarterly by Intertek®️ Corporation, an independent testing laboratory. Air handlers are available in 1 phase or 3 phase with 120v, 230v-240v, 208v-230v, and 460v-480v. Variable speed control available on some models. Flat fan assembly or squirrel cage blowers. Large industrial units have dual squirrel cages and belt driven motor. Casters in rubber, steel, or plastic are available, or pick from legs or skids. UV lights, ionizers, electrostatic filters, charcoal filters, and numerous fiber or pressed fiber filters can be chosen. We keep charcoal filters in stock for immediate replacement when needed.

*HVAC Heat plus ventilation and air conditioning. Includes heat.

**HEX or HX Air to water/glycol heat exchanger.

***EER Energy efficiency rating. The higher the better.

DehuKing products at trade show with Biotherm Solutions.