Product overview

The DehuKingTM line of high performance, energy-efficient, free-standing dehumidifiers are designed to control damaging moisture and humidity in industrial buildings and greenhouses. Our dehumidifiers utilize the latest heat transfer refrigerant technology to drastically improve performance and be the most economical solution in the industry.

Long-term reliable use

• State-of-the-art manufacturing
• Low operating cost: DehuKing dehumidifiers remove more water per kilowatt hour of electricity than most competitor’s dehumidifiers
• Unrivaled moisture control
• Saves energy: economical power to condensation ratio
• Stainless steel construction. Durable exterior of stainless steel

DU05T is the only dehumidifier available in 1 phase & 3 phase

Dehumidifier Features

Movability: Optional casters allow you to conveniently move the dehumidifier throughout the building. Many options such as skids. We even have options on wheel size or type.

American-made: Manufactured in Texas. We make every effort to use American parts first and foremost which include GE motors, Copeland compressors, Emerson parts, A.O. Smith, and Johnson controls.

Small footprint.

Available in a range of sizes: 272 pints per day to 864 gallons per day.

Many placement options. All thread hanger option.

Air Purifier: Powerful airflow. Use to cleanse air when not dehumidifying.

UV Air cleansing: A UV light air purifier kills bacteria, viruses & mold.

Activated carbon filter: Activated carbon neutralizes chemicals, gas, and smells, and prevents the development of bacteria, virus and mold.

Internal condensate pump: Moisture is automatically pushed to another location. Condensed water is collected in a stainless steel pan and directed to remote tanks or plants. The cooled dry air is drawn across the condenser and discharged at close to the environment temperature.

Ionizer: Optional ionizer produces negative ions for the purification of indoor air and its enrichment with active oxygen. Unpleasant smells are neutralized and harmful substances in the air are eliminated. Negative ions also have a strong antistatic effect. In greenhouses, ionized air increases plant growth and makes for stronger crops.

Water generator: With the addition of nutrients, the dehumidifier can be a renewable source of fresh, clean plant water.

What makes us different?

CHILLKING®’s engineering expertise results in the best combination of operating temperature range, efficiency, water removal capacity, and low unit cost.

Coils are inside the cabinet instead of on the exterior to protect from damage. Some coils are angled in order to get more coverage as the air is drawn across the coil. Other coils have isolation panels to control flow.

CHILLKING has been removing moisture from the air for twenty years. We have stabilized the relative humidity(RH) and controlled environment temperatures in paint spray booths and greenhouse gardens.

What customers appreciate

• Average installation pays for itself in less than eight months
• Reduced hourly energy usage
• Wide range of operating temperatures to 130F
• Minimal maintenance required

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Dehumidifiers are crucial to the success of numerous industrial applications:

Health & Fitness
Indoor Pools
Whirlpools and Spas
Therapy Rooms
Locker Rooms
Health Clubs
Skating Rinks
Allergy Control
Water Treatment Plants
Pumping Stations
Power Plants
Sanitation Plants
Well Houses
Switching Stations
Telecommunications Centers
Art Galleries
Records Storage
Film & Tape Storage
Food & Drug
Cheese Factories
Pharmaceutical Labs
Food Drying
Canning Plants
Restaurants and Bars
Meat Packaging
Tool and Die Shops
Paper & Pulp Production
Powder Blending
Packaging Areas
Plastic Molding & Processing
Computer & Electronics
Clean Rooms
Electronics Assembly
Computer Rooms
Photo Labs
Pre-Press Areas
Silk Screening


* Isolation panels increase efficiency by isolating evaporator environment from condenser environment.

Model DU05T07UV172-1376-2 shown.

DehuKing is exclusively distributed by Biotherm Solutions. Visit here to learn more.