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NSF Food Safe Chillers by CHILLKING®

CHILLKING® has FOOD SAFE chillers that look very much like a slush machine or ice cream machine. Intertek® ETL NSF certified. CHILLKING® designed this chiller for the fast food or restaurant that needs a small chiller indoors. From 1.5 tons to 5 nominal tons, performance tons is 110% of listed size. These are fully self-contained chillers with stainless steel reservoirs, compressor, and condenser all within the chiller; remote versions are also available. All stainless steel exterior and fully wipe down cleanable. Heavy duty casters similar to ice cream machine casters with front locks. Can be ordered with pre-charged refrigeration lines for easy installation, in many states it is not necessary to hire a certified technician. Lines are two different sizes so connections cannot be confused. Lines can be disconnected and reused.

Complete glycol distribution manifold located on the rear of the machine. Easy switch to city water for emergency bypass. A chase for water lines comes with the chiller to satisfy the toughest health inspector. These are high performance chillers in a very small package.