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CHILLKING® has been involved in the greenhouse industry for twenty years. Although we manufacture chillers up to 200 tons we recommend module systems for greenhouse applications because it gives redundancy. Every chiller built by CHILLKING® (but one) comes in 10 ton refrigeration circuits. A 50 ton has five 10 ton refrigeration circuits, if one goes down it runs on the other four circuits until a repair has been made. CHILLKING® Chiller systems give you the redundancy you need for worry-free operation.


CHILLKING® builds the stainless steel reservoir in house. Modifications to accommodate your special needs are easily done based on your needs and request. Our CHILLKING® chillers built with the CHILLKING® designed and built evaporator come with our 110% guarantee. Guaranteed to produce 110% of its nominal ton rating at 90F ambient with a LWT (leaving water temp) of 60F. Only CHILLKING® has this guarantee.