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Heatseeker Chillers by CHILLKING®

Expansion module for existing CHILLKING® CHILLERS

CHILLKING's® designers listened to our customers. If you own an existing CHILLKING® Chiller this is an excellent solution for expansion. From 1.5 tons to 10 tons these little chillers perform, footprints start at 28" X 28" with the largest being 36" X 36" of 10 ton chiller. Heatseekers are built using shell in tube or CHILLKING® built tube in tube evaporators. Each Heatseeker is built using a Copeland ScrollTM compressor and super efficient 410a refrigerant. You can add up to 20 tons to a 20 ton chiller. Since they don't have a reservoir, pump or extra structure the cost is low. Heatseekers sell for about half the price of a comparable chiller. Ask your distributor about expanding your existing chiller.

Stand Alone Chiller

Already have a reservoir and pump? Heatseeker is your solution. These chillers produce 100% of their nominal ton rating at 90%. Most chillers struggle to produce 80% at 90F or even 80F. We live in heat and know how to combat heat economically. Put a Heatseeker in service no matter what you are cooling. CHILLKING® will assist in sizing your chiller. Give our experts a call.


Copeland ScrollTM compressor
Super efficient evaporator
Ranco temperature controller
Hi/lo safety controls
Flow switch protection
Energy efficient condenser
High volume condenser fan
Low noise
ETL UL certification


5 year compressor
1 year parts