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Heatseeker Chillers by CHILLKING®

Stand Alone Chiller

These high performance compact chillers are the answer to tight spaces or tight budget. All Heatseeker Chillers are ETL certified. From 1.5 tons to 10 tons these little chillers perform, footprints start at 28" X 28" with the largest being 36" X 36" of 10 ton chiller. Heatseekers are built using shell in tube or CHILLKING® built tube in tube evaporators. Each 3 ton and up Heatseeker is built using a Copeland ScrollTM compressor, the workhorse of the industry. These super efficient chillers are built using a braze plate evaporator or a CHILLKING® built evaporator. All components are inside the condenser grill giving the chiller a small footprint. Since they don't have a reservoir, pump or extra structure, the cost is low.

Heatseeker chillers are simple to install and operate. Easy to install. Instructions for basic systems come with the chiller. If more assistance is needed, call CHILLKING®, we are happy to help you. 1.5 ton to 5 tons come in single phase. Industrial locations with 3 phase power can order Heatseeker chillers in 3 ton to 10 ton.

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1.5 ton $3,650
2 ton $3,767
3 ton $4,299
3.5 ton $4,450
4 ton $4,750
5 ton $4,995

3 PHASE 208v-230v

3 ton $4,399
4 ton $4,850
5 ton $5,095

3 PHASE 460v-480v

3 ton $4,499
4 ton $4,950
5 ton $5,195

3 PHASE 208-230v & 460-480v come in 7.5 ton & 10 ton

7.5 ton $6,100
10 ton $7,025

The beautiful part is that they are ETL listed. So they are good to go anywhere, indoor or outdoor, city or farm. These are compact chillers, everything is inside the condenser cage, nothing outside unless you want the temp controller on the front beneath the electrical install section. They have hi/lo pressure safeties and have optional low temp controls. Everything the regular chillers have with the exception of a pump and reservoir. The water/glycol out and in are located where the refrigerant lines normally are on AC condensers.

Expansion Module for existing CHILLKING® chiller

Heatseeker can also be used as a module to increase the capacity of most any chiller. Already own a CHILLKING®? Call and get a discount when adding to an existing CHILLKING® Chiller. Must be the original CHILLKING® purchaser.


3 year compressor
1 year parts