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Let CHILLKING® heat and chill your hot tubs and pools

Pool / Hot Tub Heaters

Using resistant electrical heating for your hot tub or swimming pool is expensive, the solution is a CHILLKING® pool/hot tub heater. By using refrigeration to take heat from the atmosphere and transferring it to the hot tub or swimming pool you are using one of the most effective ways to transfer heat. With the exception of solar heat it is one of the most cost effective methods of heating water. On cloudy days our system still works because it isn't dependent upon the sun. The CHILLKING® optional Cupro-nickle secondary heat exchanger can be used in salt water with no worries about corrosion. Look at a CHILLKING®, you're in for a surprise.

Plunge Pool Chillers

CHILLKING® also produces chillers for plunge pools. Yes, people really do get in very cold water for their health. It is called “cold water immersion” or Cryotherapy. The water temperature is normally kept at 50°F to 55°F however some are much colder. We are not doctors at CHILLKING® but we are experts on chillers. Please check with your doctor before plunging into very cold water or a hot tub. If Doc approves, contact CHILLKING® for expert advice in sizing your system to save you money on utilities. We can get your water down to a very uncomfortable 33°F, any lower and you're freezing. Every CHILLKING® produces 110% of its rating while using up to 20% less power.

Heat Pump / Chiller

CHILLKING® heat pump/chiller is the best of both worlds. It removes heat from the swimming pool and transfers it to the hot tub and visa versa. Heat exists anytime the temperature is above absolute zero. Heat has to be present to raise the temperature above absolute zero. CHILLKING® is an excellent technology that finds this heat very effectively down to 35°F. CHILLKING® uses refrigerants to capture this heat and then compress it into usable heat to heat a hot tub. A CHILLKING® is more expensive than an electric element hot tub heater, however it uses much less electricity and quickly pays for itself with energy savings. CHILLKING® sincerely believes everyone should do their part to save energy and our planet. CHILLKING® Chillers use up to 20% less energy while producing over 110% of its BTU rating. As the name implies, it truly is the CHILLKING®. We are a green technology.

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