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EconoKing Natural Gas Compressor Chillers

There are many reasons why CHILLKING® has decided to offer natural gas combustion engines as an option to power our large chiller compressors. Customers will find energy cost savings of 70% by using natural gas powered compressors. Everything works the same, you just have an engine powering the compressor instead of an electric motor. The energy savings are real.

By offering natural gas fueled compression/combustion engines to power the refrigerant compressor it changes our approach in building chillers. As CHILLKING®'s customer’s needs approach 14F to 15F temperature reduction, the savings quickly grow. The cost of the chiller becomes less by using the natural gas powered engine to power just one refrigerant compressor in a larger size. Now comes the magic.

If the electric bill for a customer’s cooling by using traditional air conditioning is $4,000, owners can expect huge energy savings. Some customers see a 70% energy savings. So now our customer is paying $1,200 a month for natural gas. A $225,000 investment in a natural gas driven EconoKing Chiller is quickly paid for in 80 months. This doesn’t include maintenance and supplies but it gives a solid perspective of cost. These systems can last 20 years or longer, even replacing the engine at some point is easily justified.

Using a CHILLKING® manufactured EconoKing Chiller saves you money. Our EconoKing natural gas driven chiller is often less expensive than traditional electric driven compressors. Once installed the savings just keep on coming. CHILLKING® has been building chillers for over twenty years, chillers that start in -35F cold temperatures to 135F hot weather temperatures and without the added expenses of cooling towers. Air cooling is available everywhere without restrictions. Our hybrid EconoKing designed system will give you years of dependable service.

With several refrigerants to choose from and various types of compressors, EconoKing can provide for your needs. EconoKing also offers different types and brands of engines. Some natural gas powered compression engines have over a million miles before needing a rebuild. Natural gas is a clean burning fuel and it is easily replaced by reclaiming methane gas in garbage dumps. Methane gas is the main ingredient of natural gas. Natural gas is readily available.

CHILLKING® customers save even more money by reclaiming the heat generated by the engine. Exhaust gas heat is easily recovered as is the engine block heat with temperatures up to 230F. This heat can be stored and used for cleansing water as well as for heating the plants or industrial area at night. Quite often Texas needs AC during the day and heat at night.

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