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CHILLKING® Natural Gas Compressor Chillers

Natural Gas powered refrigeration compressors make it possible for CHILLKING® to build DehuKing Chillers that cut operating costs. These chillers are slightly more expensive than standard chillers however the lower operating costs quickly pay the difference.

These DehuKing Chillers are powered by compression engines that were designed to operate on clean burning natural gas. These engines last much longer than traditional gasoline engines for a number of reasons, natural gas burns clean, clean oil protects the engine, one speed, and intermittent load.

Built by Affordable Generators for CHILLKING®'s new family of greenhouse chillers. DehuKing natural gas chillers. Instead of using an electric motor a compression engine is used, a drive shaft transfers rpm power to the refrigeration compressor. From the compressor everything operates as any other chiller would. Refrigerant absorbs heat from the water in the evaporator, the heat is then transferred to the condenser where it is removed by air blowing across the condenser.

CHILLKING®'s DehuKing Chillers come in several multistage sizes. Every DehuKing Chiller has at least two refrigeration circuits. The staging of the circuits saves energy by reducing the load on the natural gas engine that’s powering the refrigerant compressor. Contact CHILLKING® or BioTherm Solutions for a greenhouse or industrial solution.

CHILLKING® (512) 303-1529. BioTherm Solutions (707) 794-9660.